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Google Reviews On Autopilot

Get MORE reviews to the biggest review sites on the internet. The ones that count… Google, Yelp, Facebook, and many more!


Don’t lose business to your competitors! Let us help your business thrive.


You run a local business, and you have a steady clientele. But, your business like many, fail to convert those customers, clients, or patients into relevant online reviews. Reviews for your business have never been more important! We live in a “review driven” society. More than 90% of consumers now research a business before making a buying decision. Submit Local Reviews proven software makes getting your existing clients to leave you the reviews you business needs to. We work with small to medium sized businesses to get there online review stream to run on autopilot…generating real organic reviews of their business.


Businesses need reviews more than ever before. More than 90% of todays consumers use inline business reviews before making a purchasing desicion. Our tools help automate the process.

Reviews: The new internet currency

It has been proven that the more positive reviews your business has, the more new clients you will attract. It is a pure numbers game. You need more and more new reviews. We will help you get these reviews.

can my buiness have too many reviews?

We get this question all the time! The answer is a resounding NO! Every positive 5 star review you get is invaluable to your businisses success! And it is easy to achieve…
We will show you how!


That almost 90% of online shoppers consider reviews when making a buying decision? Reviews are the deciging factor when choosing between you and your competitor. Negative reviews can do considerable harm if left unchecked. Positive reviews can help lead to a healthy increase to your bottom line. You need to actively respond and manage your new and existing reviews. Always remember that the search engines take your reputation into account when it comes to organice search results!

We work with over 250 different review sites

Our system works with OVER 250 of the top review sites on the internet! We work with industry specific reviews sites for doctors, dentists, lawyers, hotels, restaurants, contrators, real estate, ecommerce…and much more. Our team will help you get your campaign off and running in as little as 48 hours. We will train you and your staff on how to start getting organic reviews from your satisfied customers, clients, patrons, patients, guests, etc.

Here is a short list of just a few of the sites our software works with to help you engage and drive new local business reviews:

follow our process to get reviews on autopilot!

Step 1: Get Your client into the system

You only need 3 pieces on info…name, email, and (optionally) Mobile phone number. That’s it! It takes literally 20 seconds. Often the client can do this for you (we will show you how).

We also interface over 1000  CMS/PMS/APP systems to eliminate this step entirely!!!

STEP 2: We email and text your clients

Our system sends out a highly optimized email and/or SMS text message directing your clients to YOUR existing major review sites prompting them to leave your business a review.

We also ask if they had a not great experience to explain why before leaving a negative review! 

Step 3: Monitor Your Review Dashboard

You can see ALL your reviews in one convientant dashboard. You can respond to each review with a templated response. You can also assign reviews to specific individuals to monitor employee performance.

You can apply an inifinite set of filter to sort your reviews.

STEP 4: Engage your reviews

Our system allows for you, the business owner, to easily respond to each review within a central dashboard. You can also setup an automated templated responses based on an set of rules. Responses to reviews are more and more critical today!
It gives you the ability to respond, and tell your side of the story.

We work with over 250 different review sites

  • People Who Research A Business Online Reviews Before Making A Purchasing Decision: 90%
  • Has a NEGATIVE Review Convinced You To Avoid A Busness? 94%
  • Percent of consumers form an opinion by reading just one to three reviews vs. 29% in 2014 40%
  • Percent of consumers who say a review must be written within one month to be relevant.This highlights the importance of recency in reviews! 44%
  • Percent of consumers need at least a four-star rating before they choose to use a business 49%
  • Percentage of consumers left a local business review when asked 68%

A Successful Review Campaign Is All In The Numbers

We work with a lot of small business clients who are doing very well, and are fortunate to have a large weekly client base. In discussing the prospect of onboarding them to use our local review service, they were all but convinced that their current process of...

Are Negative Google Reviews Keeping Your Customers Away?

Simply because a company ranks number one in the  Google Search Results, or has 1,000 or more Facebook Likes and Twitter followers compared to a rival, doesn’t necessarily indicate it’s gained the confidence of customers. Many of these businesses are not actively engaging their customers when it comes to their online brand management… aka reviews.

Why Google Reviews Are Eliminating The Need For A Website

In the last few years Google search results have been including more and more information on local businesses directly on the “SERP” (Search Engine Results Page”. The information provided includes the business name, address, phone number, and usually the hours of operation (and also show’s if the business is currently open). Most importantly they are including the Google My Business (GMB) reviews left by a business clientele. This is the basis for all online reviews.

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